Open Parachute

Open Parachute Program
Posted on 10/03/2022

QPS has provided a new program, Open Parachute, for us to use to provide social-emotional learning in the classroom. Open Parachute is a video-based program that supports the mental health of our students. Topics range from feelings and relationships to problem solving to personal safety. I am looking forward to diving into this program with the students and learning together.

There is a family component to Open Parachute. If you are interested in learning more now, check out this resources site: There is an audio series focused on skill building as well as three different parent resource courses (childhood, preteen & teen).

All classes first receive an introduction to “mental health” and agree on ways to show respect for each other. (If you are curious about lesson topics, go to: and scroll to the bottom of the page.)

Here is a glimpse into how mental health is introduced in our first Open Parachute lesson:

“Mental Health is how our thoughts and feelings change, depending on what we go through (for example, feeling happy or frustrated when we win or lose).”

“When we go through hard things, we feel sad, angry, and scared. When we do things we like, we feel happy, joyful, and proud. All of these positive and negative experiences make up our mental health, and are a normal part of being human.”

“It is very important that we talk about mental health because it helps to explain why we feel so many different things all the time. The more we talk about it, the more we can help ourselves and each other!”

Addressing mental health with the students has become an increasingly important topic. We are so glad to have this new tool to help the children develop these important life skills!