Black History Month Music Lesson

Black History Month Music Lesson at BKS
Posted on 02/13/2023
A student holds an inflatable globe and studies Africa on the map. A classmate stands next to him, looking over his shoulder.

We got to catch a glimpse of an awesome, interactive Black History Month music lesson in 2nd grade this morning! Ms. Vallatini's class worked with their music teacher, Ms. Downey, to learn the Ghanan song “Che Che Koolay.” The class explored Ghana and its neighboring countries in Africa on the globe, learned "Che Che Koolay" via call and response, and even got to invent their own dance moves to accompany the song!

Image collage shows (clockwise, from top left): A teacher points to Ghana on an inflatable model of the Earth. 6 students surround her, watching the lesson;  A student studies a worksheet in front of him that shows the music and words to "Che Che Koolay;" A teacher stands at the front of a classroom, directing students as they perform dance moves to the song they learned. Roughly 8 students are pictured, each clapping along to the music; A young girl holds a large inflatable globe and studies the African continent. Three classmates stand near her, looking on.