Delilah the Whale Visits BKS

Delilah the Whale Visits BKS
Posted on 03/23/2023
Three WDC employees stand in front of Delilah, who is inflated in the Beechwood Knoll gym.

Beechwood Knoll 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students had an amazing experience at school on Thursday, March 23: Delilah, an inflatable North Atlantic right whale from Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), came to visit and it was an incredible opportunity for our students to learn more about these magnificent mammals.

Students not only met Delilah, but they actually got to go inside her to learn more about her physiology! Students heard firsthand how important whales are to the health of our oceans and left inspired to help protect these animals.

Thanks to WDC for bringing Delilah to our school!


We have an exciting update from WDC! Beechwood Knoll has adopted the humpback whale Midnight! A Latin proverb - Still Waters Running Deep - perfectly exemplifies Midnight in the whale world. Stealth in appearance and behavior, this petites female can be easily overlooked. However, to take her for granted would be a mistake. This mother of eleven has little time to socialize as she dotes on each of her calves, who are often seen tail beaching and flipper slapping alongside of her. A focused and determined traveler, Midnight not only summers off the coast of Cape Cod, she also ventures abroad to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland to satisfy her appetite.  Next time you are at BKS, stop to see our bulletin board all about Midnight! 

Beechwood Bulletin Board